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    It's always nice to get feedback from guests after a trip!

Traveling in groups guarantees a good travel experience!

Tobias Schorr has been leading tour groups for friendly travel companies since 1997, such as Lupe Reisen or Natur & Kultur hiking study trips.
From 2005 also with the travel company VolcanoDiscovery, which he founded with Tom Pfeiffer in the same year and ran together until 2014.
On numerous trips, Tobias Schorr was able to introduce his guests to the most beautiful and interesting places in Greece on hikes and of course it is always very nice to receive feedback from the guests after a trip.
The best way to get to know the travel destinations and make friends with the locals is in small groups.
Right now that Greece is in crisis, tourism can help the country and its people. It is nice when tourism is not just a "business" but a way of life. Namely to cultivate an interest in other countries and cultures and to share the positive experiences with other people.