Travel advices

Political situation / atmosphere

Even Greece is in a serious economic crisis, foreign guest are welcome and needed! Sustainable tourism supports local business and family companies. The direct income keeps the people surviving at a time where there is no real social service. Our guest (even Germans) have never been spoken to in a bad way. We and any other nation is welcome and the Greek people are famous for their hospitality.
On our tours you will meet Greek people and may be that you will even find new friends.

Natural danger in Greece

Greece is not generally a „dangerous“ country. But you should know that you are not at home in you country. May be that there are not the same safety standards like in your country. Not everything has been planned in a proper way. The roads may be to narrow, the edges of a path are not stable, the electric power may not work 24 hours or a bath may be slippery. If you are careful and do not risk things you can not handle, there is not more danger like in your home country. But you should keep in mind that medical help may not be organised well and may be late in case of emergency.
Especially on Santorini you are hiking on an active volcano. This means that you better keep a safety distance to the edge of the caldera pumice rocks, you do not walk below rocks where there could happen rock fall any time. And you do not rent a motor bike due to the narrow roads and too much traffic. We do not recommend motor bikes or quads on Santorini. The price difference to a rented car is small and a car is protecting you more in case of a crash.

Geological danger

Due to the subduction of the African plate below the Eurasian plate there are sometimes (small) earthquakes all over Greece. And especially on Santorini there can be small earthquakes due to the active volcano. You might not feel them, but they can dislodge rocks that can fall on you. The hotels are built earthquake safe.
If you are at the sea shore and you feel a strong earthquake, better ascend to higher areas as there could appear a Tsunami wave.
Santorini is a potentially dangerous volcano when it comes to eruptions. Even the last eruption in 1950 was relatively weak, a sudden explosion on Nea Kameni island could cause fatalities or could hurt somebody. In the last years there has been an uplift by a magma chamber below the island and in 2012 there was a seismic crisis with lots of swarm earthquakes. Now the situation is calm again. But in future new activities can be possible any time. So visitors should respect the volcano when they visit Nea Kameni island.

Poisonous animals

There are no poisonous animals on Santorini.